For those who do not know about one of the world’s most successful affiliate programs i.e. Strong Future International (SFI), a quick SFI review here should bring you up to speed.

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Those experienced in internet/affiliate marketing and more specifically, multi-level marketing, will realize that the greatest encumbrance against the success of most affiliates is the inability to get and sustain paying members/downline. This becomes more frustrating when you are “investing” and your sponsor is reaping, while your own downline is not “investing” or you are even having a hard time recruiting.

The above scenario results because “like” is not aligned with “like”. Those willing and able to “invest” should form a group and sponsor each other such that there is mutual benefit.

The following are the core problems identified as impeding generating and retaining paying and staying downlines.

  • Inability of new affiliates to generate income speedily
  • Inability of new affiliates to generate income continuously
  • Inability of new affiliates to generate significant income at all or speedily
  • Inability of new affiliates to quickly grasp the essentials of SFI or in short understand what the program is all about. It simply is too complex for many to grasp within their attention-span.

  • Our program “attacks” all the above identified problems and solves them. While the first three(3) are solved as explained below, the last is solved by visiting our other website (SFI Affiliate Team), where we continuously have videos added and updated, explaining virtually all aspects of SFI. This is currently work-in-progress and more and more videos will be added as time goes on.

Without a monitoring system in place, run by an “establishment” to which like-minded individuals willingly subject themselves, combined with networking of like-minded individuals, the above ideal situation cannot arise and internet/affiliate marketing success will continue to elude internet/affiliate marketers. Currently, success rate is put at a paltry 3-5%.

Program Snippet

To address this problem, we have put in place both a monitoring system as well as a group of networkers.

Strong Future International

For the SFI-Homebiz Affiliate Program, we take on only serious affiliate marketers who are willing to “invest” a certain amount monthly, in their SFI business.

This program serves as a good introduction to the SFI business for the new member in SFI and a stabilizing factor for the old member in SFI, from where you can gradually “climb the ladder”. It touches but a tiny bit of the very many earning possibilities in the SFI business. Though tiny bit however, it is a rock solid base on which to build your SFI business since it guarantees you and your downline, continuous paying and staying downline.

Earning some income quickly and continuously, gives the necessary confidence to you and your downline, to focus on other income generating possibilities within SFI.

Our parent company, Homebiz-Supermarket is an approved TCurrency Merchant with TripleClicks, the marketing arm of Strong Future International (SFI). It was one of the few TCurrency Merchants that started business in TripleClicks from Day 1 of the introduction of the TCurrency program.
TCurrency Merchants are approved agents of TripleClicks, through whom you can fund your SFI/TripleClicks account.

You join our program, make your “subscription” payment DIRECT TO SFI (through us) and use our tools and/or offline marketing to invite others to do the same. You fund your regular monthly “subscription” by buying a certain amount of SFI TCurrency through us , which is passed over to you inside your TripleClicks account (TCurrency ledger) to buy TCredits within your store, thereby earning your sponsor commissions and you, versapoints. A similar “subscription” each of your downline makes, is passed over to your downline within the SFI business opportunity (via TCurrency), to buy TCredits within their own store, thereby earning you commissions and they, versapoints.

Why Buy TCredits?


  • TCredits is a digital/virtual Product and so, most suitable to all affiliates including international/overseas affiliates. Being digital, there is no shipping cost and the product gets delivered almost instantaneously.
  • It has one of the highest returns on investment on its own (by getting your downline to purchase same), amongst all TripleClicks products.
  • It has a number of “secondary” uses as detailed in Mighty TCredits. These further enhances its returns on investment.
Yield Illustration

To get paid downlines, you need to be a paid member. Can be as low as $11.56 for the Basic Membership. Purchasing five(5) 1 Unit of TCredits, this will fetch you 510 versapoints.

You recoup this investment of $11.56 as fast as you enroll just four(4) downline members in the same membership category, who take the same action. With your first four(4) downlines now “paying for your monthly investment”, any additional set of four(4) enrolls fetches you about $11.60 “pure profit” monthly. If you are lucky to enroll one or more downline members in a higher category, you even get to recoup your “investment” much faster.


First membership group – Basic Membership “subscription”, is about the smallest “investment” you can make in your SFI business if you realistically expect paid downlines.

The above is just to explain how the system in respect of this particular product works and is by no means the ultimate. The same principle applies in respect of the larger “investment” categories, the system being highly scalable. The amount you can “invest” and the returns you can thereby earn is unlimited.

The amount you should choose to “invest” should however be guided by what you can afford on a continuous basis (monthly) and what you believe your downline will also equally be able to afford. Note that your earnings is really determined by your downline’s “investment” and not yours. You are just required to “invest” same amount so that your upline can also derive his own commission, you earn versapoints which aid membership advancement and so that you “put your money where your mouth is”, since you cannot realistically expect your downline to “invest” an amount you are not willing to.

You are not compelled to pass all your “investment” in SFI through this program/site. Only the minimum specified as per each category is compulsory to be passed through this program/site.

Membership Categories

In all, there are three(3) groups/categories as detailed below in respect of which you recoup your “investment” as fast as you enroll between four(4) and six(6) members and subsequently earn “pure profit”.
The three(3) cadres/categories of membership on this site are:
1. Basic Membership

– You start out as an Affiliate in SFI. “Subscription” requirement is $11.56 per month. You buy $10 TCurrency through us which you subsequently use in buying five(5) 1 Unit TCredits on the TripleClicks site, fetching you 510 versapoints.

As earlier explained above, you recoup this “investment” of $11.56 as fast as you enroll just four(4) downline members who take the same action. With your first four(4) downlines now “paying for your monthly subscription”, any additional set of four enrolls fetches you about $11.60 “pure profit” monthly.

2. Intermediate Membership

– You start out as an Affiliate in SFI. Average Monthly “subscription” requirement is $33.049. You use this in buying $30 ($20 + $10)TCurrency from us which you subsequently use in buying $29 One hundred (100) TCredits on the TripleClicks site, fetching you 1200 versapoints. You can then earn additional 300 versapoints through various daily, weekly and monthly actions on the SFI/TripleClicks website to make you an Executive Affiliate (EA).

You recoup this “investment” of $33.049 as fast as you enroll just six(6) downline members who take the same action. With your first six(6) downlines now paying for your monthly “investment”, any additional set of six(6) enrolls fetches you about $37.80 “pure profit” monthly.

Millions Are Making Money Online

3. Advanced Membership

– You automatically progress to an Executive Affiliate (EA) level in SFI, on making your monthly “subscription” payment and re-qualify as such again each month as long as you keep making your “subscription” payment. While it is still advisable to log in to your SFI Member/Affiliate account regularly, it is not compulsory in terms of maintaining your Executive Affiliate (EA) rank. Monthly “subscription” payment requirement is an average of $41.246. You alternate between buying $35 and $40($20 x 2) TCurrency from us which you subsequently use in buying One hundred and twenty-five (125) TCredits on the TripleClicks site, which fetches you 1500 versapoints.

You recoup this investment of $41.246 as fast as you enroll just six(6) downline members who take the same action. With your first six(6) downlines now paying for your monthly “investment”, any additional set of six(6) enrolls fetches you about $47.70 “pure profit” monthly.

How It Works

You can also buy General LEADS (when available), through our program. We will however give preference in such General LEADS purchases to those with the highest/greatest “investments”.

. Note that these General LEADS can participate in any of the business opportunities on the Top Home Based Businesses website and so their potential is enormous and goes beyond that of the normal SFI Leads this site shall “freely” be providing to you. It however presupposes that you should be interested (and in fact registered and slotted in your Afiliate ID in the “Recruiting Dashboard”) in one or more of the other business opportunties on this site to get maximum value out of these General LEADS

Shopping online is GREEN

The more downline you build, the more purchases is made in your downlines’ stores and the more commissions you earn thereby. With only six(6) members in your downline, you become FREE for ever on the SFI Business Opportunity, as the purchases those six(6) make in their SFI store monthly, yields you a commission amount that wipes off forever the “investment” you make monthly. Each additional six(6) members in your downline fetches you “pure profit”.

Any member who fails to make his monthly “subscription” payment on this site will be temporarily blocked from having access to the “recruiting dashboard” on this site through which he can acquire further referrals for the SFI program.

The member can however make restitution in the following month by making a “missed subscription” payment to cover the missed “subscription” payment for the previous month, while also making his current month’s “subscription” payment.

If the member fails to make this restitution the following month, he is permanently blocked from having access to the “recruiting dashboard” through which he can recruit further referrals for the SFI program.

All registrations on this site must be done with exactly the same names as registered at SFI/TripleClicks. Any violation of this will result in the member’s account being terminated on this site.

“Subscription” Payment (Other Nationals)

After signing up to our site’s program below and to the SFI program through our site, and/or inserting your SFI ID in the “recruiting dashboard” on our site if you are already an SFI member, you should make your monthly “subscription” payment using “Solid Trust Pay”, on this Subscription Payment Page. Subsequently, you should raise a TCurrency Order on our TripleClicks website @ our site at TripleClicks. You should then notify us via a support ticket, that you have carried out the two steps above, so that we can execute your TCurrency Order.

Subscription Categories ==>$10 (1 Unit TCredits) $29 (100 TCredits) $36.25 (125 TCredits)
TCurrency Amounts$10$20$35
9% TCurrency Licensee Fee$0.9$1.80$2.61$3.15$3.26
Processor Receive Funds Fee
2.50 % + $0.35 USD
Processor Withdraw(Into Credit Card) Fees
$8 @ Min. of $500 Withdrawal
Total Amount/Price$12$23$34$40$42

All members are equally registered on our E-Commerce site @

“Subscription” Payment (Nigerians)

Nigerians have the choice to either use the “Solid Trust Pay” subscription payment page to pay in dollars($) or pay in Naira(=N=) using this Nigerians ONLY subscription page. They should then raise a TCurrency Order on our TripleClicks site @ our TripleClicks site. Subsequently, they should then alert us via a support ticket on our E-Commerce site @ to the effect that they have carried out the 2 steps above, so that we can execute their TCurrency Order.

Log into your Member account on our E-Commerce site and you will be taken to your Member Dashboard. On the Member Dashboard, click on the “Support Ticket Icon” and you will be taken to a page where you can initiate a Support Ticket.

If you have never accessed your account on our E-Commerce site before(i.e. if we registered you), you will need to access with your login details which are :
email – Your Email On TCurrency Order
password – Your first name OR first and last name(in small letters) – if first name is shorter than six digits.
(Note : Name order as on TCurrency Order form)
On accessing the site, please remember to change your password

Means By Which You Will Receive Downline

You will receive downline in SFI, from us, through four(4) means/methods.

  • Through your own advertisement of your personal referral links of this site.
  • Through spill over of SFI referrals we shall give you “freely” on this site.
  • Through our coop rotation directly on the SFI website.
  • Through our PSA re-assignment on the SFI website.

Note that SFI referrals from sources 1 – 3 above, will carry the tracking code No. 3 on the SFI website for your easy identification as emanating from this site, while you will receive my communication within SFI website, regarding source 4.

How will this site (Top Home Based Businesses) enhance your success in SFI?


  • I have been a member of SFI since 2006 and already making money therefrom. In addition, i have been on the internet full-time since 2006 and so am well experienced to guide you through. A forum whose link is indicated below has been put in place for this purpose
  • This website has been set up such that this same information and resources being made available to you will also be made available to your downline/recruits. On sign up, you will be provided with your own link to advertise this site and/or Homebiz-SFI business opportunity and any one who signs up through your link go straight into your downline in SFI.
  • As time progresses, we shall make available for sale to our members, GENERAL LEADS who have signed up to our site looking for business opportunities who may thus be inclined to sign up under you.
  • We are already working on the content for other business opportunities which we shall add on to our site following these same principles such that you have a diversified business opportunities portfolio which as you may well know is the best i.e. Multiple Streams of Internet Income.
You are already a member of SFI?

You can still register with our site (Top Home Based Businesses) and slot in your SFI ID in our downline builder and get downline for your SFI Business Opportunity.

Don’t forget we shall also be adding more income opportunities soon and from time to time too, for which you can still sign up and further benefit.

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