For those who do not know about one of the world’s most successful affiliate programs i.e. Strong Future International (SFI), a quick ==> SFI review should bring you up to speed.

What are existing affiliates saying about this business opportunity? ==> What Others Are Saying

What you can deduce from the above is that you are dealing with a company which is rock solid, has weathered the test of time and has come to stay.

Those experienced in internet/affiliate marketing and more specifically, multi-level marketing, will realize that the greatest encumbrance against the success of most affiliates is the inability to get and sustain paying members/downline. This becomes more frustrating when you are “investing” and your sponsor is reaping, while your own downline is not “investing” or you are even having a hard time recruiting.

The above scenario results because “like” is not aligned with “like”. Those willing and able to “invest” should form a group and sponsor each other such that there is mutual benefit.

The following are the core problems identified as impeding generating and retaining paying and staying downlines.

    • Inability of new affiliates to generate income speedily
    • Inability of new affiliates to generate income continuously
    • Inability of new affiliates to generate significant income at all or speedily
    • Inability of new affiliates to quickly grasp the essentials of SFI or in short understand what the program is all about. It simply is too complex for many to grasp within their attention-span.

Our program “attacks” all the above identified problems and solves them.

While the first three(3) are solved as explained below, the last is solved by visiting our forum (Homebiz-Supermarket Forum), where we will continuously have content (text and videos) added and updated, explaining virtually all aspects of SFI. This is work-in-progress.

Without a monitoring system in place, run by an “establishment” to which like-minded individuals willingly subject themselves, combined with networking of like-minded individuals, the above ideal situation cannot arise and internet/affiliate marketing success will continue to elude internet/affiliate marketers. Currently, internet marketing success rate is put at a paltry 3-5%.

Program Snippet

To address this problem, we have put in place both a monitoring system as well as a group of net-workers.

Strong Future International

For the SFI-Homebiz Affiliate Program, we take on only serious affiliate marketers who are willing to “invest” a certain amount monthly, in their SFI business.

This program serves as a good introduction to the SFI business for the new member in SFI and a stabilizing factor for the old member in SFI, from where you can gradually “climb the ladder”.
It touches but a tiny bit of the very many earning possibilities in the SFI business. Though tiny bit however, it is a rock solid base on which to build your SFI business since it guarantees you and your downline, continuous paying and staying downline.
Earning some income quickly and continuously, gives the necessary confidence to you and your downline, to focus on other income generating possibilities within SFI. And there are many other Income generating avenues in SFI.

You join our program, make your “subscription” payment by buying fifteen (15) units of one(1) TCredit pack for $29.85 ($28.35 with auto-delivery which equals about =N=11340 via official exchange rate of =N=400/$1) from SFI, present(upload) a screenshot of a specified page on your SFI member account to us each month as evidence of payment of each month’s “subscription” and use our tools and/or offline marketing to invite others to do the same.

The fifteen(15) units of one(1) TCredit pack makes you an Executive Affiliate (EA) which enables you to earn returns much faster using our “game plan”.

You fund your monthly “subscription” regularly as explained above, within your SFI store, thereby earning your sponsor commissions and you, versapoints. A similar “subscription” payment each of your downline makes, earns you commissions and the downline, versapoints.

Why Buy TCredits?


  • TCredits is a digital/virtual Product and so, most suitable to all affiliates including international/overseas affiliates. Being digital, there is no shipping cost and the product gets delivered almost instantaneously into your SFI/TripleClicks member account
  • It has one of the highest returns on investment on its own (by getting your downline to purchase same), amongst all TripleClicks products.
  • It has a number of “secondary” uses as detailed in Mighty TCredits. These further enhances its returns on investment.

Yield Illustration

Fifteen(15) units of one(1) TCredits pack

If you purchase the fifteen(15) units of one(1) TCredits pack for $28.35 via auto-delivery i.e =N=11340 @ =N=400/$1 on a monthly basis and so are an Executive Affiliate (EA), all you require are three(3) members in your downline doing the same, to break even. Each additional three(3) members you recruit into your downline after that, doing the same, fetches you  $29.25 or =N=11,700 @=N=400/$1, in “pure profit”

Thus with only three(3) members in your downline, making the same investment as you, you become “FREE” for ever on the SFI Business Opportunity, as the purchases those three(3) make in their SFI store monthly, yields you a commission amount that wipes off forever the “investment” you make monthly. Each additional three(3) members in your downline fetches you “pure profit”

Now, let’s scale up these figures to see the potential.

First realize that spending /investing =N=11340 monthly on the SFI website to attain financial freedom amounts to just a spending/saving of (11340/30) =N=378 daily. Is that too much a sacrifice to make to attain life-long financial freedom?

Some people thrift for =N=500 daily which is about =N=15000 monthly only to collect the same amount “invested” back few months after.

Come to think of it, you will not even really be investing new funds of =N=11340 monthly perpetually. You may only be out of pocket for the first three months when you may not yet be making enough returns to match your investment due to the possible initial slow pace of recruiting affiliates into your downline and thus delay in accumulating the needed $20 commission on the SFI website to qualify you to obtain the Payoneer Master Card and the shipment period of the card to you. Afterwards, you should have gotten at least three affiliates in your downline and will merely indirectly be re-investing the same funds which you will merely be “ploughing back” into the business while retaining your profit.

You enroll 15 people under you, paying =N=11340 each monthly just as you, and you become assured of (58500-11340)=N=47160 on a monthly basis. That is a return of ([47160/11340]x100) 416% monthly and since you will indirectly be re-investing that same amount monthly, a return of 4992% annually. Wow!

Now, scale up further to having 150 enrollees  under you. You get to start earning (585000-11340)=N=573660 on a monthly basis.

Scale up to having 1500 enrollees under you and you get to start earning (5850000-11340)=N=5838660 on a monthly basis. Wow!

No. Of Affiliates Recruited Into DownlineMonthly Subscription/Investment In NairaMonthly Direct Returns/ Commission In NairaMonthly Profit/(Loss) In Naira

By the way, many Nigerians, already realizing the stability and the profit potential provided by SFI, are already making waves on SFI. Nigeria, even more than America which is the host country, is the current SFI’s most active country, which is determined by the level of investment guaged by versapoints acquisition.

Nigeria is also on the “Top 10 Growth Countries Chart” every single day, implying many Nigerians are joining daily.

Remember it is not a race but a journey and an objective which you should steadily work towards achieving. Most people work for 35 years and at the end cannot boast of being able to retire on a pension of =N=5838660 monthly. What if you work assiduously for three to five years on this “game plan”. Don’t you think you may be able to achieve your objective and will it not have been worth it? You don’t even have to quit your current job while doing this, so it does not disturb you from earning another income.

One thing with this “game plan” is that you can earn almost endlessly monthly, with just the same amount of investment. All you require is to continue increasing/expanding your downline base.

Combine the benefit here with the opportunity conferred to also buy recharge cards (EPINs) at the best available price in the market and you have a win-win situation.

Apart from the effort you make to get downlines offline, your task is made much easier in that every member of this program has a similar page as this to which you need only direct your prospects to and it does the “selling” and “closing” for you.

A major benefit of this program is that it assures you of residual income which is income you continue to earn from month to month following work you did at just one time period. That is the surest way to financial freedom.

Shopping online is GREEN

The more downline you build, the more purchases is made in your downlines’ SFI stores and the more commissions you earn thereby.

Any member who fails to make his monthly “subscription” payment by buying TCredits on SFI website and tendering/uploading the proof of purchase as specified, will be removed/deleted from our program though he still remains a member of SFI but is only prevented from having access to the “recruiting dashboard” on this site through which he can acquire further referrals for the SFI program through us.

All registrations on this site must be done with the same names as registered at SFI/TripleClicks. Any violation of this will result in the member’s account on this site being deleted.

Why only 15 Units of One(1) TCredit Pack Investment?

You may be wondering that why should you not buy more TCredits units?
The simple answer is that it yields no benefit to you in terms of returns and may even lower your returns on investment.

What determines your yield is not the value of your personal investment but rather the value of the investment of your downline.

Make Money And Not Run After Titles

It is tempting when you initially join SFI to run after titles rather than concentrate all your efforts on making money.
SFI is run by a very talented and shrewd business man who has wisely designed the titles in SFI to reflect your spendings/value of investment on the website. Thus in most cases, the higher you spend, the higher you can rank.

If you are equally shrewd, you should know that your objective is not to spend endlessly but rather to earn the highest return possible on your capital/investment. Thus if you follow the laid down guidelines on this website, you will spend wisely and titles will follow you eventually as you add more and more downlines who now begin to take action on the SFI website.

Retirement Benefit And Inheritance

What is more alluring about this business opportunity is that being rock solid and structured to last virtually many generations, you are encouraged to plan your retirement benefit around this company such that when you are aged or even just decide to retire much earlier, given the residual income nature of the income, you are assured of a life long “pension”.

You can also hand over the continuous income stream to your children or other beneficiaries and all they are required to have is your log in details and they can continue to operate your account/business just the same way you did.

Moving Up The SFI Titles Ladder 

When you have accumulated some downline members, it may now be time for you to begin your ascent on the SFI titles ladder. With the game plan so far, you are an Executive Affiliate (EA) which is the first level in ascending order, in the SFI titles hierarchy. There are six(6) titles in all. Note that an Affiliate which is the level at which all members start is really not a Title. All title holders are still Affiliates.

If you wish though, you can remain an Executive Affiliate (EA) and still earn the maximum income specified above, of =N=5838660 or even more.

One thing you should note is that moving up the SFI titles ladder comes at a cost and so you must be sure that the additional income you will make will cover the incremental cost.

Here is where Leveraged Income which is another beneficial income type, just like Residual Income, comes into play. With Leveraged Income, you earn through the efforts of others(your downline).

The two web pages you should be conversant with to know how and when to navigate your way up the SFI titles ladder are

==> SFI Compensation Plan

==> Sales Versapoints Requirements For SFI Ranks

You need to be logged into your member account in SFI to access these web pages.

Each versapoint currently yields an average of $0.0004 dollars to Team Leaders from the Executive Pool. Each Executive Affiliate (EA) under you must have acquired a minimum of 1500 versapoints. Thus the minimum value of versapoints each EA generates for his Team Leader via the “Matching Versapoints” from the Executive Pool, is about $0.6 which converted @ =N=400/$1 is =N=240

Meanwhile, to advance in rank from Executive Affiliate To Bronze Team Leader for example, and to retain the rank each month, you require an additional 500 Sales Versapoints monthly, since you already have 1500 Sales Versapoints using our game plan. You will then be able to obtain “Matching Versapoints” commission from your EA’s within your first two(2) levels/generations downline.

Downline refers to affiliates you directly refer, that your recruits refer, that your recruits recruits refer etc. They are all in your downline

You can achieve that again, buying 5 units of One(1) TCredits. That will cost you $9.45 via Auto-delivery purchase or =N=3780 @ =N=400/$1

Since 1500 versapoints from each Executive Affiliate (EA) downline yields about =N=240, it is obvious that you need at least (3780/240=15.75) sixteen (16) Executive Affiliates (EAs) in your first 2 levels downline before it makes any sense for you to upgrade to a Bronze Team Leader. Any additional Executive Affiliate (EA) downline in your first 2 levels afterwards will result in “pure profit” of =N=240.

It should be clear now that at Team Leadership Level, it becomes a numbers game for you to make significant income therefrom.

Team Leadership LevelADDITIONAL Sales Versapoints Required To Attain RankNo. of ADDITIONAL One(1) Unit TCredits Required to Attain RankADDITIONAL Cost (Naira) Required to Attain Rank No. of ADDITIONAL EAs Required To Generate "Matching Versapoints" Income, Economical Enough, To Start Contemplating Upgrading Rank @ =N=240 per EACUMMULATIVE No. of EAs Required To Generate "Matching Versapoints" Income, Economical Enough, To Start Contemplating Upgrading Rank @ =N=240 per EANo. of Downline Levels/Generations Through Which You Can Claim "Matching Versapoints"
Bronze Team Leader5005378016162
Silver Team Leader5005378016324
Gold Team Leader5005378016488
Platinum Team Leader50053780166012
Diamond Team Leader50053780167212

Further Benefit To Recharge Cards Online Members

Recharge Cards Online Members who join this program become entitled to purchase recharge cards at prices stated at
==>  EPINs Bulk Buyer Price List (Homebiz-SFI Program)

as follows

TCredit (No. Of Units) per monthTotal Amount ($) - Auto-Delivery, per monthTotal Amount (=N=) - Auto Delivery @ =N=400/$1, per monthNaira VALUE Of EPINs Of Any Denomination And Any Network That Can Be Purchased, per month

Above indicated purchase allocations of EPINs can not be carried forward to the next month.

However, you can have your direct recruit indicate through his/her member account support ticket that we sell his/her rechargecards (EPINs) purchase allocation to you.

Income From Other Business Opportunities

Note that your downline can participate in any of the business opportunities on the Top Home Based Businesses website (and we shall introduce more opportunities over time) and so their potential is enormous and goes beyond what you realize by they just being your SFI downline.

It however presupposes that you should be interested (and in fact register and slot in your Afiliate ID in the “Recruiting Dashboard”) in one or more of the other business opportunities we shall be introducing on this site, to get maximum value out of your downline.


All members are equally registered on our E-Commerce site @

Log into your Member account on our E-Commerce site and you will be taken to your Member Dashboard. On the Member Dashboard, click on the “Support Ticket Icon” and you will be taken to a page where you can initiate a Support Ticket.

If you have never accessed your account on our E-Commerce site before(i.e. if we registered you), you will need to access with your login details which are :
email – Your Email On This Website
password – Your first name OR first and last name(in small letters) – if first name is shorter than six digits.
(Note : Name order as registered on this website)
On accessing the site, please remember to change your password to one of your choice

Means By Which You Will Receive Downline In SFI

You will receive downline in SFI, from us, through the following method.

  • Through your own advertisement of your personal referral links of this site.
  • Occasional re-assignment of PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) from me to “performing” members. That is, those who further explore the SFI website and take further actions beyond just buying the above specified TCredits

Note that SFI referrals you recruit through this website will carry the tracking code no. 2 on the SFI website for easy identification as emanating from this site.

I will pre-communicate my re-assignment of PSAs to you.

How will this site (Top Home Based Businesses) enhance your success in SFI?


  • I have been a member of SFI since 2006 and already making money therefrom. In addition, i have been on the internet full-time since 2006 and so am well experienced to guide you through. A forum whose link is indicated below has been put in place for this purpose
  • This website has been set up such that this same information and resources being made available to you will also be made available to your downline/recruits. On sign up, you will be provided with your own link to advertise this site and/or Homebiz-SFI business opportunity and any one who signs up through your link go straight into your downline in SFI.
  • We are already working on the content for other business opportunities which we shall add on to this site following these same principles such that you have a diversified business opportunities portfolio which as you may well know is the best i.e. Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

You are already a member of SFI?

You can still register with our site (Top Home Based Businesses) but not with a view to participating in the SFI Business Opportunity through us.

Don’t forget we shall also be adding more income opportunities soon and from time to time too, for which you can then sign up and benefit.

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Also regularly check and sign up on our website for new business opportunities as this will place you in a position to have your downline sign up under you for these business opportunities we shall introduce from time to time, else that opportunity rolls over to your upline.

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