The idea of sharing revenue has long been a part of the internet. There is sharing of income for online content writers. Affiliate marketing has also given web sites a chance to share revenue with companies for referring products. Only recently have top revenue sharing sites come on the scene to offer income potential from advertising revenue sharing sites.


What is Rev Sharing in the context of Advertising?

Revenue sharing is also referred to as rev share. Rev share members purchase ad packs that are basically ad positions. These allow their ad to be shown a specific number of times on the network. The number of times it’s shown is based on the size of the ad pack purchased. The larger the pack, the more times the ad is shown. Many programs will require you to also surf a certain number of websites every day to ensure that the network has sufficient traffic to serve the ads.

Ways to Earn with Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

The revenue sharing sites pay in two different ways. They pay income generated from the rev share ad traffic. This can be in the form of opt-ins, ad clicks, and even offer completions. Think of this as typical website income.

They also make income a second way in the form of network income revenue sharing. A portion of all ad pack sales are put into a profit pool. This profit pool is regularly(ofteen hourly) distributed back to participants based on their rev shares. Top rev shares will usually pay out much higher rates and/or offer more secure “investment” environment than lesser companies.

If you really want to make the best income possible, it’s important to keep three different techniques in mind. i.e. Go with a top company, make the right position purchases, and harness your traffic.

  • Go with a Top Company

    The best way to ultimately maximize your rev share income is to go with a Top Rev Share company. A top rev share company often provide higher share of the profit pool along with a larger profit pool because of their sheer size. They offer great payout benefits and have the stability to ensure that your investment gets an adequate return.

    Two Top Rev Share Companies to look at are:

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    My Paying Ads

    Each of these companies have their own ad purchase pack requirements and different payouts. There are different reasons why each company excels so it’s a good idea to check out each of them and look at joining them. 2 great companies can mean 2 times the income and isn’t that the reason why you are pursuing revenue sharing?

  • Make Smart AdPack Purchases

    Different levels of ad pack purchases have different per position costs so purchasing the right size pack to maximize profits is one of the first steps to making more money in rev sharing. Looking at the different levels and their maturity levels will help you make a better decision on which packs to purchase and when to purchase them.

  • Harness the Traffic

    It’s also important to make your website offers compelling to maximize your rev sharing income. Harnessing the traffic you are buying and converting with an email opt-in or a financially lucrative offer is important. The sky is the limit on how much you can make off of the purchased traffic. It’s also important to know the rev share site visitors. They are more than likely interested in rev share networks and in online money making offers, so tailoring offers to satisfy their hunger can lead to higher income.

If you can put all three of these together, in particular, focusing on the top revenue sharing sites, then you can maximize your income with an exciting new revenue stream.